What is OX Text?

OX Text is a collaborative, cloud-based word processing solution that does not alter your legacy documents or lock you in. Its main focus is on reducing the complexities of text editing while promoting collaborative document creation. And it is accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Greater Simplicity

OX Text lets your users break loose from the shackles of conventional text editing. This gives users real-time access to the latest files and cuts out complex email chains. And because OX Text stores a single document in a central location: There is no need to track changes or manage multiple distributed versions.
No copies – no problems.

OX Text on all devices
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Round-trip Editing

If OX Text does not directly support an editing function, that does not mean it is off limits. Legacy documents can contain embedded "power" features not recognized by many other editors. This is not a problem for OX Text. When a document contains features such as Smart Art or Charts, they are simply replaced with a placeholder. The document can then be worked upon, even in teams and online.

When it is then downloaded and reopened in its native editor you find nothing is lost: the new edits are there, the power functions are also still there and working, even the formatting is completely intact. OX Text never damages your valuable work even if it does not understand it.


Working on a document within a team, but in a stand-alone environment is fraught with complexities and headaches: emailing a document to a team leads to version and duplication issues; train of thought is often lost or broken; consistency with multiple edits is shattered and many more issues.

OX Text lets teams of people come together and work on the same document in real-time. One person can take control and work either on a new or an existing document while others contribute. This speeds up the creative process and a consensus is reached much quicker. It is without exception the most productive way to work with a document.

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