Centralized digital life

Welcome to OX App Suite: a centralized cloud environment that lets your users manage their digital lives. It contains all the components necessary in today’s world to get things done anywhere and without installing any software:

  • OX Portal - Access email, social content and new services from one view
  • OX Mail - Manages email inboxes all from one location
  • OX Calendar - Unifies individual and team calendars
  • OX Contacts - Makes managing connections easier
  • OX Files - Stores everything (music, photos, documents) and view anywhere

It’s about time

In the mobile-app economy, communication and productivity apps represent the majority of time where people spend their time. Place the value of a branded web desktop at the center of your customer engagement model that captures how people interact on the web and turns it into valuable services and keep them focused on your brand.

With OX App Suite, in-application point of sale is easy to customize and multiply interaction inside your customer’s day as the storefront they come to expect, explore and use.

Every device an opportunity

Ox App Suite is designed for mobile and cloud service providers to extend customer touch points with users across devices. With a focus on customizing the seamless experience for how people communicate and collaborate online, OX App Suite is the basis to offer 3rd party services everywhere they need to work, share and publish important data and files.

Discover how your customers will come to value OX App Suite…from integrating communications to round-trip document viewing and editing: Want to learn more about how OX Text is changing the way cloud-based word processing is done, visit http://ox.io/ox_text